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What is business tourism? One definition might be: Travelling for the purpose of attending an activity or event associated with his/her business or activity.

Anyone fortunate enough to be staying in Sunshine Coast accommodation on their next business trip will soon discover that being able to start their day with a jog along the beach, or a hearty breakfast at one of many waterfront cafés, need not only be a dream.

In fact, you don’t even have to wait until the next time you’re due a vacation before enjoying sun, sea and long sandy beaches. Instead, why not indulge in a little luxury the next time you go away on business simply by staying in accommodation which is usually only available to holiday makers. After all, this is what’s known as business tourism and Sunshine Coast accommodation offers a huge range of opportunities for business people on the move. A perfect holiday atmosphere blended together with the exceedingly high standards of both luxurious and affordable accommodation ensures you enjoy spacious comfort, security and the very best hospitality.

The majority of business travellers require certain facilities in order to conduct their business such as an internet connection, telephone, work desk, etc, all of which are available on the Sunshine Coast, to the benefit of business tourism. What’s more, considering Sunshine Coast accommodation caters predominantly for holiday travellers, executives can rest assured they’ll be able to end their day with a visit to the sauna, a soak in the Jacuzzi, or even a relaxing swim in the pool.

Whether you want to socialize or whether you want to relax, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia offers plenty of both. With mile upon mile of warm golden sand, a shimmering ocean, lush forests and people who are notoriously warm hearted, it’s hardly surprising business people soon become attached to the place. With a sub-tropical summer, pleasant winters and a stunningly beautiful autumn and spring season for people to enjoy all year round, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland remains the ultimate choice for business tourism.

They say that many deals are finalized on a golf course so business people will be glad to know that the area sports some world class championship courses. On the other hand, those who need to entertain guests are spoilt for choice as well. Maroochydore for example is host to a huge range of bars, cafes and other venues.

At the centre of the Sunshine Coast economy and situated just a short drive from the Sunshine Coast Airport, Maroochydore looks set to dominate the business tourism market in the area. In fact, its massive potential for growth is further emphasized by the presence of the Sunshine Coast’s major bus interchange and the Sunshine Plaza shopping centre.

One quality for which Sunshine Coast accommodation can be proud of, is the exceedingly good food always laid on at business meetings. Practically all the award winning restaurants in the area afford one with spectacular sea, mountain or river views as you sample some of the mouth watering local specialties, such as Moreton Bay bugs or Mooloolaba prawns.

Combining luxurious comfort, food fit for a king, and hospitality which is unsurpassed, one can’t help but ask the question, “What else could there be to set a trip to the Sunshine Coast apart from other destinations”. Of course not all business people travel alone and providing circumstances permit, many are now opting to have their families accompany them. In this case, those you join you will have plenty to keep them occupied, whether they want to lay around and enjoy perfectly safe beaches, or whether they’d rather do something more active such as trekking through rain forests or going out Koala spotting. While diving enthusiasts will be thrilled with a dive to explore the sunken HMAS Brisbane, shopaholics can shop until they drop at Sunshine Plaza or the Eumundi markets.

Because so many artists and people involved with alternative medicine choose to live on the Sunshine Coast in search of a quiet peaceful life, it’s gained a reputation for being Queensland’s creative centre. Villages throughout the Sunshine Coast boast unique little shops which are no less than a treasure trove for those in search of souvenirs. On the other end of the scale, those executives suffering from fatigue after a hard day can recover at one of the many venues offering spa treatment or massage therapy.

Considering that the Sunshine Coast is essentially the only place where business and pleasure fuse together so seamlessly, rather than say it’s business as usual, a better way to put it would be, “business unusual”. After all, with such outrageous value for money, one could surely not ask for any more.

Top 5 Travel Accessories to Prevent Bedbug Bites and Bringing Bedbugs Home | techangingnet.ga

Along with dust mites and the lesser talked about scabies, bedbugs are infesting hotel after hotel in every major city in America, as well as Europe and Canada. While this modern outbreak has been going on for the past 5 years, the media has only began reporting on this scourge over the last couple of years.

Tourists who, a few years ago, would just shrug off any report on bedbugs, have begun to sit up and take notice. Bedbug blogs and web sites litter the in internet as do products to protect against the little vampires.

One of the primary reasons for the interest in bedbugs from the public is the frequency by which these vermin are transported back to the homes of vacationers and business travelers. Once bedbugs enter a home or hotel, even office complex, they are excruciatingly hard to eradicate. Bedbugs have evolved over tens of thousands of years to adapt to their main meal ticket, humans. Newly resistant to a broad range of chemicals, bedbugs have flourished since the banning of DDT in the seventies.

Although bedbugs have never been proven to be a transmission vector for any disease, few studies have been done on this subject. The only danger to human health so far , is the allergic reaction people can experience after being bitten.

Bedbugs are spread 2 ways. By people transporting them in luggage or belongings and by migration between rooms, condos or apartments.

With the above said, here are the top 5 travel accessories to protect yourself, and prevent infesting your home with bedbugs.

1) A Travel Sheet – Make sure, whichever travelsheet you choose, that it is zippered and enclosed on 3 sides and that it is washable in hot water and dry-able in hot air. Heat is the only way to effectively kill bedbugs and their eggs. A travel sheet can’t be 100% effective, only a heavy duty garbage bag sealed all the way around can guarantee no bedbug bites. But a travel sheet will mitigate your exposure and protect you from a host of other ills.

2) Bedbug-Proof Bags for your belongings – Many companies make bags especially for the purpose of protecting your clothes from being infested by bedbugs while they are folded in the drawers of your hotel room. This might seem like overkill but it happens all the time. Even commonly used plastic zipper bags, like the ones used for food are effective. Heavy duty garbage bags also work well but you must seal them very well. Bedbugs can fit through the smallest of spaces.

3) Painters Tape – An excellent deterrent, painters tape will not damage your room but will prevent bedbugs from crossing over wherever it is applied. Around the headboard, mattress, bed, bed legs, inside drawers etc. It takes very little time to apply, is inexpensive and can even be used in luggage.

4) Non Toxic Sprays – There are so many products on the market that claim the ability to kill on contact and continue providing protection. Be aware, some work, some don’t. The best way of determining which brand to use is either by word of mouth or testimonials. Included in this group is food grade diatomaceous earth, powder made of the exoskeletons of microscopic sea creatures. DT kills by wearing away the protective coatings or scratching the exoskeletons of the bedbugs causing them to eventually die of exposure or dehydration. I say ” eventually ” because it takes time for DT to work. Remember if you buy DT it MUST be food grade otherwise it is a danger to humans and pets.

5) Luggage Sanitizers – Most of these are sprays meant to kill bedbugs. Sprayed in luggage, they kill bedbugs and their eggs so they won’t infest your home. There is one product on the market that kills by heat. Luggage is placed into the product which is turned on and heats up to a pre determined temperature and holds this temperature for a period of time, long enough to kill the bedbugs and eggs. A great idea if chemicals are not your choice. This product is especially efficient for a frequent business traveler as it is a one time investment.

Bedbugs have made a spectacular comeback, affecting all walks of life and the problem is not going to go away anytime soon because bedbugs are spread by people who have no idea they are spreading them. Bedbug infestations can only be prevented through vigilance and education. All it takes is one pregnant bedbug to start an infestation. Check your room, use a travel sheet, inspect your luggage, good luck.